Calendar for 1st Term 2019/2020

Calendar for the Term




Tuesday 10th September ,2019

Celebration of Holy Mass

Wednesday 11th September ,2019

Nurses Visits

17th Sept, 22nd Oct ,19th Nov, 17th Dec.,2019

Orientation for new parents

Sunday 6th October 2019

Parent's time with the school's chaplain

Wednesday,9th Oct. Wednesday 20th Nov. 2019

Child's Performance Review

Thursday 31st October,2019

All Saints Day

Friday,1st November,2019

Mid-Term Holidays

1st - 4th November,2019

Mid-Term Resumption

Tuesday 5th November ,2019

Farmers Day

Friday 6th December, ,2019

Family Fun Day

Friday 6th December,2019


9th -13th December ,2019

Closing Mass and Vacation

18th December,2019